BODEN Agency Launches Initiative to Honor Moms

May 8, 2023, Miami, FL – Leading up to Mother’s Day, Latina-Owned Public Relations Powerhouse, BODEN Agency is launching an initiative that honors moms with the release of a new children’s book titled “Sasha’s Big Question,” written by CEO and Founder Natalie Boden, in response to the question “Mom, why do you work?” which many moms are faced with during their motherhood and career journeys. Available for purchase in both English and Spanish on, 100% of the proceeds of the book will support mentorship non-profit Step Up, whose mission is to help girls define and achieve their unique visions of success through mentorship programs, focused support and inspiring connections and as the organization celebrates its 25th anniversary.

With gender dynamics at play, research shows that more moms than dads are asked by their children why they work, which can lead to feelings of guilt and uncertainty. With this initiative, BODEN Agency is inviting moms everywhere to share their stories using the hashtag #StepUpForMoms, of the moments in their lives where they were faced with this question, were challenged on their role as a working mom and how they embraced it. 

“Too often, moms feel guilty and struggle to explain why they work. We want to flip the script from moms feeling conflicted to feeling deep pride as they discuss their careers with their children and in turn empower them to pursue their own dreams. I wrote this book to empower moms to share with their children the many joys and benefits of working,” said Natalie Boden, author and Founder and CEO of BODEN Agency.

The book serves as a much-needed tool for moms to help their children understand, in an interactive and engaging way, why they work, helping them appreciate the importance of work, from providing for their family to pursuing their goals and life aspirations.

In parallel, studies also show that working moms serve as a positive role model for children, showing them the value of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Exposing their children to a broader range of experience and perspectives through their careers, working moms help their children develop an open-minded and inclusive outlook on life. In fact, a study by Harvard Graduate School of Education found that girls with working moms are more likely to pursue a higher education and have leadership roles in their future careers. 

“We are grateful for the partnership with BODEN Agency that honors moms and also empowers girls to pursue their dreams. Their support will help deliver deeply impactful skill development and mentorship to Step Up’s community of girls, many of whom experience gender, racial, systemic and institutional barriers to opportunity,” Step Up CEO Delores Druilhet Morton, mom of three, said. “This book is a reminder that their opportunities are limitless – they too can grow up to be both a wonderful mom and achieve their career ambitions too.”

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this book makes the perfect gift as it celebrates and honors the moms in our lives and sparks meaningful conversations with children, inspiring them, especially girls, to pursue their dreams. In line with BODEN Agency’s mission to empower the next generation, 100% of the book’s sales will benefit mentoring non-profit Step Up, furthering the agency’s commitment to making a positive impact and paying it forward. “Sasha’s Big Question” is a heartwarming tribute to moms, and a must-have for any family looking to honor the special moms in their lives.


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