BODEN is an award-winning communications powerhouse making an impact for brands embracing the changing face of culture.


With a team of culture-fluid trailblazers rooted in Hispanic heritage, BODEN turns culture into impact to future-proof brands. This approach has drawn the attention of some of the most iconic brands in the world, including PepsiCo, McDonald’s and Target.

Recently named “PR Agency of the Year” by Ad Age and one of PRWeek’s “Top Places to Work”, BODEN is proudly independent, minority- and female-owned.

Meet Our Leadership Team

What We Offer

Beyond its core service of helping brands activate campaigns that reach the Hispanic market, BODEN also offers Hispanic+, helping brands leverage the power of the Hispanic market to transcend into the mainstream. From music and entertainment, sports and gaming, to beauty and food, and more, Hispanic culture is making a strong imprint throughout society, and brands that embrace these passion points and celebrate Hispanic culture drivers will win big in both the short and long term across both Hispanic audiences and mainstream audiences, as well.

Culture is fluid. Culture adapts. Culture blends. Culture reinvents itself daily. We are fueled by Escucha®, our proprietary strategic planning process, which captures insights into what consumers think & feel, say, and hear, to better understand them and pinpoint what moves them to act. With Escucha®, we keep a pulse on the daily evolution of culture and make predictions of where it’s headed.

Our disciplined process blends brand, consumer and cultural truths to uncover insights that inform our earned-first creative campaigns. We build integrated campaigns, weaving one narrative across channels with one mission – to make an impact.

We earn our target audience’s attention before we seize it. Our campaigns incite conversations. Our ideas pique interest and turn it into engagement, and into action, because it’s when an idea is born from the deep crevices of real-world culture that it captivates audiences and creates lasting impact. We activate earned-first creative campaigns that capture the attention of media, influencers and key opinion leaders.

Creating a strong emotional connection between a brand and its target audience is at the core of what we do. From end-to-end brand creation, to launching a brand and/or a new product and activating brand development campaigns, strategic partnerships and celebrity collaborations, our team is focused on connecting brands to consumers along the purchase funnel – whether its awareness or conversion driving campaigns, we are brand communications specialists.

We know the importance of reputation management and the power of today’s diverse and vocal public to derail a company’s reputation whether they’re inside or outside the organization. Our forward-thinking approach and expertise with diversity, equity and inclusion campaigns, racial equity initiatives, engagement of employee resource groups, purpose-driven corporate campaigns, issues management and crises, give us an upper hand when helping our clients navigate complex topics within and outside of their organizations.

Media relations is at the core of what we do. Our relationships span every stage of the news process – assignment editors, producers, beat reporters, editorial boards, national correspondents. Spanish language media to English language media, from Hispanic outlets to general market outlets, we have spent countless hours building trusted relationships and know the story angles that work.

We are the creators behind some of the biggest brand’s most engaging social content. We develop organic and paid social media strategies, create attention-grabbing social content, launch social media platforms and handle community management, while keeping engagement and conversion at the forefront.

From web design to website and microsite development, to metaverse experiences, and beyond, our digital team is at the forefront of the latest technologies that ensure a seamless user experience across devices and platforms.

Our database of diverse content creators is unparalleled and our relationships run deep. At the core of our approach is the marriage of the science of analytics with authentic creator partnerships that drive impactful storytelling. We build influencer strategies, create guidance for how to manage influencer programs, identify and contract influencers, manage the content creation and approval process, activate always-on influencer campaigns, and measure effectiveness of campaigns for the best possible ROI.

We believe video allows for the most compelling storytelling. From the storyboarding and script development phase to post-production, our video production team brings a diverse perspective for how to best convey complex ideas, emotions and information that empowers, elevates and inspires.

We bring culturally rich and relevant activations to life with media, influencers and celebrities, and ensure the buzz spreads beyond those in attendance. With earned and social amplification expertise, the experiences we deliver transcend physicality.