BODEN Helps Brands Tap the Power of the Mamiverse

May 15, 2023, Miami, FL – Latina moms are an ever-present force in the lives of their family unit, shaping its core values and identity, driven by a deep-seeded relationship with la cultura. They work hard, love harder and oftentimes appear to truly do it all. But this passion and perseverance extends well beyond the home.   

These mamás are breaking barriers and leaving their mark across a wide range of industries and spaces. From politics to entertainment, education to entrepreneurship, they’re fearless when it comes to both their families and careers, making jefa moves while defying stereotypes and rising to the top of their game. 

With more than 8.2 million Latina moms* in the U.S. serving as the driving force behind total Hispanic spending power expected to reach $1.9 trillion this year, they are a key audience that simply cannot be ignored. This means that investing, reaching and engaging with Latina moms is not only a smart business move, it’s an essential one.

At BODEN, we’re proud to be a Latina-owned communications agency on a mission: to help brands build trust and make a positive impact in the Hispanic community, where Latina moms are front and center. As we continue celebrating Mother’s Day, our team is driving visibility to this critical Hispanic cohort through the release of “The Power of the Mamiverse, BODEN’s latest insights report, a curated look at the latest data, impact and trends surrounding Latina moms and the significant opportunity they represent for brands.

Beyond their purchasing power and critical role as decision makers within their household, BODEN has uncovered insights on who Latina moms really are, what trends they’re driving, what they’re watching/listening/reading, and how they defy the stereotypes that mark them. 

Through our work with the Hispanic community, we have learned that by understanding and embracing the power, needs and values of Latina moms, brands can build meaningful connections with an audience that is passionate, loyal and will drive their business forward.

To learn more about “The Power of the Mamiverse” report and how to develop an effective, culture-first approach for reaching Latina moms in the U.S., contact

*2022 Summer MRI-Simmons USA